Friday, April 26, 2013

Pray for Kami

My sister, Kami, has been having some health troubles lately. The troubling kind that doctors seem to not have a clue on what to do. The wearisome kind that brings a missionary home from the mission field desperate for answers and relief. The saddening kind that leaves a husband and 5 kids on a foreign island they call "home", while she has tests and doctors appointments in the states. 
Last Sunday she felt she had enough energy to go to church, but if you saw her you knew she didn't. I  was about in tears during the song service . . . We stood together sharing a hymnal but, I only heard me singing. Kami has a gorgeous singing voice. I like standing next to her so I know what note to sing. (and because she drowns me out.;) She normally sings in the service when she is home. But the fact that was barely whispering a congregational song was when it really hit me something isn't right.
She has seen plenty of doctors and has had enough tests to make her medical chart the size on encyclopedia but, still know solid answers on what is the issue. Her pain and discomfort seem to build everyday. You can see here what some of the problems are 

I'm asking you to pray!!! Here are a few specifics . . .
Kami to feel better and be healed.
To find out exactly what is wrong and how to "fix" it.
For her energy to return
Patrick and the 5 older kids still in St. Barthelemy. (Here is a cute post from their family blog about Kami being gone:)
Others to be brought to Christ through this situation.
Medical bills

It's tough being away from your family especially when you aren't sure of exactly when you will be able to return. They could use the prayers and encouragement.  If you would like to let them know you are praying or contact them you can email them at
If you could be a financial blessing to them it would be greatly appreciated. I'm learning from reading some missions blogs that life on the mission field can mean that your income flow can be somewhat unpredictable. She has had multiple tests, scans, and 2 CT scans, not to mention the expenses of coming here. If you could be a help in a financial way please use their Support address through Macedonia World Baptist Missions:

Patrick Gimenez
PO Box 519
Braselton, GA

Thank you for the prayers!!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Taylin, what an amazing post. Show's how much you love your sister too.
Praying for all,
Love, MOM
I Peter 5:7

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