Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Letter From Our Favorite Friend

We got a letter from someone special today!

Dearest Logan and Chloe, 
                   Oh, how I have missed you both so very much! I hope that you have had a great year while Iwas gone. I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! I have had quite a few myself.

 I got a promotion at my off season job at the North Pole. I am manager over the entire snow globe division for the United States! It wasn't an easy start, that's for sure. My first off season elf job was to twist the twisters that keep toys in their packaging. Then I moved onto being a velcro affixer to doll diapers. (Yuk!) Then I had to inflate the bubble wrap bubbles. That job wasn't too bad until the air machine broke and we got backed up. I spent the week before Christmas blowing bubble wrap up with my own breath!  That left me bluer than Elvis Blue Christmas! I'm so thankful for my new off season job. They even gave me an orange safety vest to wear. 

This summer I went to Santa's Ranch, The Double K, at the North Pole. It was so much fun! We roasted marshmallows by the fire, sang Christmas carols, and ate way too many candy canes!  I even got to help Santa and the other elves wrangle in some wild Walruses! He is thinking if using Walruses instead of reindeer this year. There is talk of the reindeer going on strike again! When they heard about Santa's walrus idea they just laughed and called him names. I'm hoping they can resolve this situation soon! Anyway, I made a real friend with a walrus I named Amos. I can't wait to visit him at the ranch again soon! 

Barbie invited me to come visit her at her family's summer home for the Fourth of July. We even got to be in a parade! Ken was there too. He wasn't too happy that Barbie let me drive her car. And that she rode with me. And that he had to drive her dog in the parade. Poor guy! 

That was a few of the highlights of my year! I can't wait to spend Christmas with you at your house!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Book of Giggles: Volume 1

Logan and Chloe are the funniest people I know! I love the things they say. Whenever they say something sweet or funny I normally post it on Facebook so others can enjoy. It never fails, I always get a "You better write that down! You will forget it!" I have heard many mothers of grown children say that. And it's true you will! My advice to new mothers . . . Write it down! 
I have finally went through old facebook and blog posts to copy down all these sweet quotes so I can have them in one place. Now when I need a laugh I can pull out this list and giggle. There are many sayings! So here is 2009-2011. I will post the rest in a few weeks. Enjoy!

July 2009

#1 I heard Logan telling Chloe "Get out Chlo! You can do it!" He was trying to get her to crawl out of her crib so they could play together.

August 2009

#2 We were watching an old Stanley Cup Game. When the Wings hoisted the cup Logan said, "Daddy, where are you?" He thought he was going to be on the ice with the other players too.

 #3 The kids were home sick and I had music going and was singing along to "Somebody Touched Me."   Logan looked at me all concerned "Mommy, who touched you?"  Good way to teach kids about the   healing power of Jesus!

October 2009

#4 I asked Logan and Chloe "Who made those beautiful clouds in the sky?" Logan- "I don't know." Mommy- "God made those clouds!" Logan- "And Daddy helped him

April 2010

#5 I finally figured out why Chloe shakes her hips whenever she says "Sleeping Beauty" . . . she thinks her name is "Shake Your Booty!"

July 2010

#6 I had to sing "Jesus Loves Cinderella" to Chloe. When will she realize its "Jesus Loves ME" and that she is not Cinderella!? 

#7 Logan loves giving compliments. His favorite words to use are "adorable", "cute", "awesome", or "cool". He thinks I have cute eyebrows! Smart boy, compliment a girl on something she never gets complimented on and you will melt her heart!

August 2010

#8  I was informed by Chloe that there are two Cinderellas: the one in the movie and her.
September 2010

#9 Logan was looking at his Zhu Zhu pet package and said "Look, you can do this online. It has a ".com"

#10  Logan ended his bedtime prayer " . . . And please don't let Cain kill his brother again. Amen." I guess someone has been paying attention to his Bible lessons!

October 2010

#11 Logan to Daddy
Logan- God is very, very, very, very, very, very, super, super, super strong

#12 Getting out of the car Logan notices some cigarettes on the ground
Logan- (gasp!) Mommy! Smokings (cigarettes)
Mommy- Oh! I see! That's bad!
Logan- Mommy, I will never, never, never, ever, ever do that!
Mommy- Good!
Chloe- Mommy, I will neber, neber, neber, eber, eber do that eder! (either)

#13 Looking for our favorite color cars while driving
Mommy- Yellow!
Logan- Green!
Chloe- Wipe!
Logan- What did you say?
Chloe- Wipe!
Logan- No, Chlo! WhiTE!
Chloe- WhiPTE!
Logan- You said it! You said WHITE!!
Chloe- Mommy, I said it! WHI . . .PTE!
(He is always correcting her on the way she says things!)

November 2010

#14 Chloe- Mommy, my kids need some clothes. You go to Target and get them some.
Me- Where are your kids?
Chloe- Right here. (Pointing at the floor)
Me- Oh, How many do you have?
Chloe- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, I have a "wota" (lot of), "wota" kids.
December 2010

#15 Logan told me what he wants for christmas - "a boy baby doll. I want to name him Jesus."
January 2011

#16 I just had a very deep and thought-provoking bedtime discussion with my four year old! He is worried that other people haven't been saved. He said "I will tell everyone about Jesus and then they can tell more people about Jesus." Love it!!
February 2011

#17 Logan was telling me a story about some boy so I asked "is he a little boy at school?" He replied "No, he is a little boy all the time."

 March 2011

#18 Chloe's prayer tonight "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my sleepover and Katie and Mommy and Daddy and my Yoyan (Logan) and thank you for ayebuddy (everybody) and our Food and help ayebuddy to ask Jesus in their heart. Amen."

April 2011

#19 Logan- Do goats poop? Me- Yes. L-They do?!?! Me- Yes, all animals and people poop. Logan- Do transformers poop? . . . I guess we need to define real and imaginary a little bit better.

May 2011

#20 Chloe: A girl in my class "frode up" (threw up) rainbows!! (huge smile)
Me: She "frode up" what? (Yes, I repeated her "frode up"
Chloe: It was all the colors, not just orange like mine.

June 2011

#21 (We were talking about different kinds of animals in the water.)Logan: "Mom, I like penguins. But NOT the hockey penguins!!"

#22 (Kids giggling while "in trouble") Me: quit laughing so I can talk to you! Logan: I can't swallow my laugh! Me: (bursts into laughter.) . . . Sometimes you can't "swallow" your laugh and be serious!

#23 We were headed to the zoo the next day. Logan kept asking if I had any meat. When I told him yes he said "Good, don't cook it. I'm going to feed the lions!"  He had a whole grocery list of food to get for the animals.

July 2011

#24 Chloe's bedtime prayer: "Dear Jesus, thank you for 2 churches, my church and Daddys church when he was a kid a looong time ago, thank you for my husband, my kids and my home. Thank you for lots of castles and lots of Rapunzels. Amen!" Then looks to me with a smile and says, "Was that sweet?

#25  Logans prayer was cute to "Dear God . . . Thank you for my life and thank you for everything in the world except for Monsters and bad people and beer. Amen!"

#26 The kids talking about what they are going to be: Logan: "I'm going to be a builder, a hockey player, a fireman . . ." Chloe: "I'm going to be a dolphin!"

#27 A Logan quote. (He was telling me a Bible story) L: . . . And then God got on His spaceship." Me: (laughing) "What spaceship?" L: (arms folded and in a matter of fact voice) "He DOES live in outer space, ya know!" Lol! I guess we do point "up" when we refer to him.

#28 At dinner, Logan not wanting to eat . . . Randy: "Eat your food! Do you know that some kids in the world don't have food?" Logan: (thinks for a second, then makes a serious face) "I will give them my food."

#29 I tried on my new sandals. These are the reviews from the kids . . . Chloe: "When I'm a mommy I want to wear em' shoes!" Logan: "They make ya look gorgeous, and pretty! I love them more than God!" Me: "Not more than God!" Logan: "Yes, I do!" At least he means well, right? 

August 2011

#30 Me : Logan you are growing so fast! Logan: are we growing fast so we can see who gets to 100 first? 

September 2011

#31 A kid at Logan's school always tells me that Logan is hitting him. (which Logan denies:) This afternoon Logan told me "I didn't hit K_____ today! He wasn't at school today.

#32 At a red light in a HUGE rush . . . Me: "I wish the light would turn green!!" Chloe: (with a big smile) "I wish it would turn pink!!"

#33 Chloe said something Logan didn't agree with. His reply "Chloe, you are not Kmart smart!" I'm thinking that is an insult, right?? 

#34 Chloe told me about a girl she played with at school today. I asked if that girl was her buddy. She told me "No, I am Bampa's buddy!" ("Bampa" aka my dad) That girl loves her Grandpa!

October 2011

#35 Logan found a ring at school and decided to give it to Chloe. There was a stipulation to the ring : "Chloe when I find the girl that I am going to marry, you have to give the ring back to me so I can give it to her." I know his fiance will love a little mermaid ring!

#36 The kids are playing on the playground and I am sitting on a bench by myself. Chloe comes up to me and says : "Mommy, if someone tries to take you yell 'STRANGER!'" I am glad she thinks of me! 

November 2011

#37 I over heard the kids talking upstairs. Logan had just done something great in the eyes of Chloe . . . Chloe: Great job buddy! You are so smart!" Logan: "Yeah, but I am definitely NOT a genius!"

December 2011

 #38 Logan to Chloe: Liar, liar pants on fire!!!
Chloe: No!! I am not wearing pants!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Five Bucks Plus Some Junk: Schoolwork Display

About a year ago I found a huge three foot by four foot frame in the garbage. It was huge, gorgeous, and the best part free! It was cream and 70's gold. I knew this frame would have a few coats of spray paint by the time I was done with it.

I used it last Christmas for our card holder. (can you see it behind Malachi?) In the spring I hung it the wider way and put a picture of the kids in the middle. It was cute but, not a permanent kind of thing. I decided that I would make it into a chalkboard. I had some chalkboard paint and a frame. All I needed was a wood board to paint with the chalkboard paint and then glue that to the back of the frame. Well, . . . it didn't work out like that. I must have skipped a step when it came to the painting the chalkboard part of the whole project. Big Fail! So I let the "chalkboard" sit in the corner till I could figure out what to do with it.
That is when I decided to make it into a Art/schoolwork display board. The only things I needed to buy to turn this from a fail to a win was clips and spray paint for the frame. It was around $5 for the parts I didn't have. And here it is today . . .

This picture doesn't do it justice. I love it! And the kids love seeing their good work on display!

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