Thursday, July 24, 2014


Oh, Summer, how I love you! You are my favorite season. Actually, please don't flatter yourself, I say that to every season. I seem to do pretty well with loving the season I am in at that moment. (Although I love Christmas at any season!) But by the end of that season I am ready for the next.
This summer I feel like we haven't gotten into our "summer groove." Our new school gets out the first week of June. Then we left for vacation two weeks later. As soon as we got home Logan came down with Mono. :( He is still dealing with the tiredness of it. Poor guy!

But through it all we got a few bits of a Florida Summer. We have about five or six weeks to pack in all the fun from our Summer To Do List. Here we go! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That's ok

{Insert reason why I haven't blogged in months.  Add a few sentences about being busy, time flying by, kids growing up too fast, and blah blah blah. Also say something about maybe this blogging thing isn't for you. Then go on to saying something funny or inspirational. Go with funny because, that would be . . . funny. Or just do whatever.}

I haven't blogged in three months.
That's ok!
My kids have done some pretty funny, awesome stuff and not one bit of it is "preserved" in journal/blog form.
That's ok!
I turned 30. No "oh dears" , "I'm older" or "bucket list" themed posts.
That's ok!
Chloe graduated from Kindergarten. No cute pics of her in her little cap and gown.
That's ok!

It's all good, fine, and dandy! Because you know what? . . .(You were supposed to say "What?")
Life keeps going! We can try to document it. Photograph it. Facebook it. Whatever you want but, life still happens . And some of those happenings we get to store in our hearts not on paper (or internet.) Years down the road we won't see a blog post about it (and that's ok!) That memory will be brought to mind by a song or a scent or something that reminds you of that moment. For some reason that makes it a little more special. 
So, sweet family of mine, the past three months are yours to remember all by yourself without the help of a blog or journal. Good Luck! ;)

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I set high expectations for myself. Way high. While I am on my mail route I think of all the things I am going to get done when I get home. We aren't talking organizing a cabinet and folding clothes. No way, I think BIG! In my mind I will reorganize all of our kitchen cabinets, plant flowers and paint a whole room. All of that before I make a healthy, home cooked meal. Then after the long drive back and forth from picking up the kids reality sets in. Mommy starts to feel "sick" AKA Mommy feels super exhausted and wants to lay on the couch and watch a show. When dinner rolls around the "healthy" meal turns into an "easy" meal. Thankfully, since Chick Fila changed its grilled Chicken to a different recipe that Logan hates, we no longer have a fast food restaurant that we can get a whole GF meal from. (I find it weird saying "thankfully." But really its best! Yumminess in moderation!) So that means I must heat something up cook! Then I realize that I wasted a whole afternoon . . .
Whine, whine . . . 

My sister was saying last night that she feels very goal oriented right now. I think I am going to jump on the goal train with her. If I get off my own back and make manageable goals I can get some of this stuff done because we are one load of laundry away from winning the Special Award . . . again. (I seem to either win or get an honorable mention quite often.)  And you know what is coming up in 2 days?! Monday! Mondays are like mini New Years every week. It's like a fresh start day. And you know what else is next week?! The first of the month! And those are even bigger mini New Years! This week is pretty close to great for starting new goals . . . in my way of thinking at least. 


So onto the list of goals for my fresh start . . .

#1 I'm going to cut myself some slack and realize that I can't do everything in an afternoon. 

Yep, just one thing on that list! This will be harder than you think!

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