Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Betty White

 We have a van.
 Her name is Betty White.
 I'm not going to address the question of "why did you name your van?" If you aren't naming your car then, I feel bad for you. Every car needs a name! I have named all my cars!
(The Taylinmobile, the Thing, Whitey, THE Omni, Talulah, Acrefoot, Tribby, and now Betty White. I even named my mail truck. Her name is ReWBy. The RWB stand for red, white, and blue.)

I will move on to the next question . . . Why is her name Betty White if she is gold? Simple! She is gold and a girl. Our favorite Golden Girl is Betty White so, naturally our van is Betty White.

Can I just say one thing though? It kind of annoys me and sadly I think I have said the same thing at some point in my life just to be seem "cool". I don't care if you "wouldn't be caught driving a mom/soccer van!" You don't like vans? . . . ummm, ok. It just seems so weird that people feel the need to say that. Honestly, I love my van! She has been a great gal for us! Sometimes I talk about her like she is someone real. If I say something about our van I normally refer to it as "Betty White." Even on facebook I feel like I need to give the whole story about why she is Betty White.

I try to take care of her so she will last us a lot longer than most vans. The real Betty White is 92. I'm hoping that means good things for our little Betty White. She's 10. That means she is starting to get up there in car years. She had to switch to the oil for older cars recently. I thought she was handling getting older until a few days ago when she was talking about getting a bumper sticker. I keep reminding her that those are forever. What would that bumper sticker look like in a couple years? I'm hoping I can talk her out of it.

 Sometimes it's just me and her driving to get the kids from school or running errands after work. She lets me sing to the top of my lungs. She thinks I'm an awesome singer. :) When she tells you that you only have 0 miles till empty if you are very sweet and pray that she will last till you get to the gas station she pulls through for me!

She has gone to some pretty neat places. Here she is going over the Mackinac Bridge. 

She even got to experience some hills. That was nothing like the flat land of Florida!

The best part of it? She lets me take these crazy kids around town to all of our favorite stops.
I love having Betty White!

That is her . . . the gold van in the back getting stuffed with Christmas presents. (It's the only picture I could find of her.)
In need of a good laugh about old vans? I read this a long time ago at The Anderson Crew. Every time I think about it I get the giggles!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Oh, Summer, how I love you! You are my favorite season. Actually, please don't flatter yourself, I say that to every season. I seem to do pretty well with loving the season I am in at that moment. (Although I love Christmas at any season!) But by the end of that season I am ready for the next.
This summer I feel like we haven't gotten into our "summer groove." Our new school gets out the first week of June. Then we left for vacation two weeks later. As soon as we got home Logan came down with Mono. :( He is still dealing with the tiredness of it. Poor guy!

But through it all we got a few bits of a Florida Summer. We have about five or six weeks to pack in all the fun from our Summer To Do List. Here we go! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That's ok

{Insert reason why I haven't blogged in months.  Add a few sentences about being busy, time flying by, kids growing up too fast, and blah blah blah. Also say something about maybe this blogging thing isn't for you. Then go on to saying something funny or inspirational. Go with funny because, that would be . . . funny. Or just do whatever.}

I haven't blogged in three months.
That's ok!
My kids have done some pretty funny, awesome stuff and not one bit of it is "preserved" in journal/blog form.
That's ok!
I turned 30. No "oh dears" , "I'm older" or "bucket list" themed posts.
That's ok!
Chloe graduated from Kindergarten. No cute pics of her in her little cap and gown.
That's ok!

It's all good, fine, and dandy! Because you know what? . . .(You were supposed to say "What?")
Life keeps going! We can try to document it. Photograph it. Facebook it. Whatever you want but, life still happens . And some of those happenings we get to store in our hearts not on paper (or internet.) Years down the road we won't see a blog post about it (and that's ok!) That memory will be brought to mind by a song or a scent or something that reminds you of that moment. For some reason that makes it a little more special. 
So, sweet family of mine, the past three months are yours to remember all by yourself without the help of a blog or journal. Good Luck! ;)

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