Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh, sweet, sweet children, you are growing too fast. Just last week I was cleaning up half gummed Puffs and packing your diaper bag. Now I am picking up the evil pile of Legos and packing your lunchbox for school. Where did the time go? Actually I know where it has gone . . .
reading every book we have . . . twice,
learning new tricks on your big wheels,
sharing giggles and laughs over everyday funnies,
singing in the car,
dancing around the house to Diana Ross' "Ain't No Mountain High Enough",
playing with toys and dressing up . . .
Those are just a few of the "where the time has gone" moments. Time flies, especially childhood. That is a fact I must face. But it isn't flying by without fun moments. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A few Saturdays ago I went yard saling with my mom and sister, Keela. When we pulled up to one sale Keela and I both had our eye on the $10 cookie jar. As we looked it over we decided it would be too shiny to paint. Then after a second look and discussion I said I was going to try it. The lady took $7. :) 

I love how he turned out! Only one problem . . . I can't seem to put that red spray paint away. Everything is going to be red before long. 
I have always loooved red. But about two years ago I said "see you later" and " hello" to teal. Both colors look great in our house. I felt like I had to go one way or the other. Well, I decided I don't care anymore. If we see something and we like it. It will have a "home" in our home. 

I have some fun projects in the works that will make our home look bright and cheery. This is only the start! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Elf Malachi

This year we joined the trend and got an elf on the shelf. It's kind of weird since we don't "do" Santa. We let the kids pretend that he is real,we watch movies about him, talk about him- but they realize he is just like The Minions . . . cute and fun, but not real. We didn't even read the Elf on a Shelf book so, we are probably doing it the wrong way. But we had fun doing it our way. 
We named our Elf Malachi. He has actually been a part of our family for quite some time. You can see him below in some of our family pictures . . .

You don't see him??

What about now? Ohhhh. Right. He is our imaginary friend. The kids didn't make him up . . . I did. After watching our own marathon of Phineas and Ferb the kids kept asking "Who's in charge?" just like Candace. Even to go upstairs to go to the bathroom, "Mom, who's in charge?" I got so tired of it so, that is when Malachi was born. He is awesome. He is in charge if I go upstairs or get the mail. He scares away bedtime monsters and stays with them till they fall asleep. Although he can be a little bit of a naughty elf. Sometimes Chloe has to buckle him up in the car because he "forgets." During our summer road trip he was car surfing. No matter what we love our Malachi. We thought he would make a perfect elf. We had some great adventures with him this Christmas . . .

Day 1: The kids finally got to meet Malachi in the flesh felt and stuffing.

Here is a close up of his special note. I ditched our Joy countdown from last year. Instead of having the envelopes hanging the kids would have to check throughout the day to see when the envelope would "magically appear" by Malachi. We pretty much did the same kind of things from last year. 

Day 2: Malachi was busy teaching Barbie and the other toys about what it takes to be an elf.

Day 3: Barbie was so thankful for the elf lessons. She thought she would do Malachi a favor by giving him a makeover . . . he didn't like it.

Day 4: Thankfully the superhero guys helped him pay her back. She was in tears!!

Day 5: All that late night tp'ing had him worn out.

Day 6: Malachi secretly wishes he could be a sheriff. Like his horse?

Day 7: The Everblades had their annual Teddy Bear Toss. Malachi was helping the bears get used to that flying through the air feeling by jumping on the trampoline.

Day 8: Malachi was needing some extra cash. He got a gig taking family portraits. 

Day 9: He spent the day making Christmas cards for friends and family.

Day 10: Malachi was in desperate need of a tree and some furniture. He found the LEGO box. He felt so cozy sitting by the fire admiring his tree.

Day 11: The LEGO guys weren't very happy with him for using their blocks.

Day 12: Thankfully the Imaginext heros came to the rescue!

Day 13: Barbie and Malachi made up. Then it was off on a date to gaze at the moon and stars.

Day 14: Just hanging around.

Day 15: Best idea ever! Totally patting myself on the back . . . because it worked!! Here is what the note said . . .
"Logan and Chloe, URGENT NEWS!! Santa's workshop has stopped making toys! The elves need the parts from old toys to make new toys. They have run out of old toys. Can you help? Fill this sack with old toys. I will send it  up to the North Pole on the Reindeer Express. Thanks, Malachi"

Day 16: Snow angels.

Day 18: Malachi hit the ski slopes in his new jacket and ear muffs.

Day 19: He went skiing on the wrong mountain . . . the Grinch's snowy Mount Crumpit! He was taken hostage. It was a sad, scary day for us.

Day 20: The Whoville PD was  awesome. They rescued him very quickly. Malachi even got interviewed for the evening news! 

Day 21: Since everyone was looking for him yesterday he decided his "Where's Waldo" look would be a good idea for today.

Day 22: This day took a little longer. First they got this note at home before our drive up to SeaWorld.

After the kids favorite show (Clyde and Seamore) they got this text. "He was at the same show?! How did he get here?!"

They got this after the Penguin ride.

During lunch he sent them a text of him picking out an oyster. He wanted to get Barbie a pearl for Christmas.

Then Malachi had to head back to the North Pole. Santa needed some extra help getting all the toys finished. (aka Mommy and Daddy were super busy.)

 He helped us bring in the New Year and left them with a note.

Randy and I had soooo much fun putting this together for the kids. They loved it but, I think we might have loved it a bit more. I didn't have the heart to put him away with the Christmas stuff. He might come back to visit with some new friends. Maybe just maybe!

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